About Us

Our Mission 

We created That's Wild to celebrate the diverse and breathtaking species, ecosystems, and wild spaces that we see across our planet. Through this celebration, our aim is to support and fund the conservation of wildlife and nature. We hope you will celebrate it with us.


For most of us, when we were younger, we fell in love with animals, plants, and places through beautiful and captivating photographs in books and images on TV. We rarely notice that we've been interacting with Wildlife Photographers and videographers our entire lives. At That's Wild we are recognising them as the people that helped us to fall in love with what we hold so dear. This is why we are so happy that we can create a place for Wildlife Photographers to showcase their work for the people that love it the most.


Our ultimate goal is to support and highlight conservation initiatives and those working tirelessly behind them all around the world. In order for change to happen, the conversation about the health of our natural environment must continue and we're hoping to make a difference together - one print at a time.

How does That's Wild help? 

Who are That's Wild?

We are a group of people that, just like you, love our natural world and want to do what we can to not only protect it, but to help it to thrive. We believe that the conversation doesn't always have to be negative; that if we can focus on and share a deep love for our worlds wildlife, we can reach a position where we can prioritise protecting it.
Our team consists of a range of people with varying backgrounds, however we all have one thing in common - our passion for conservation. This passion brought us together, and we created That's Wild - a non-profit organisation that delivers value way beyond the buyer and the seller of our wildlife photography prints.

How That's Wild Began 

The idea for That’s Wild began in early 2020. Being passionate about the planet and its wildlife, we make an effort to research where the stuff we buy comes from, who made it, what their mission and values are, and what they do to follow up on those promises. To us, it’s important that what we buy is not destructive and even better, helps to improve the natural world in which we live. So, when we were looking for a couple of wildlife prints to hang in our home, our options were limited. We either had to buy from an unsustainable print company with a poor choice of wildlife prints, or buy way out of our budget range. 
We immediately saw a gap for an organisation dedicated to wildlife photography prints that were more affordable, and more sustainable. We wanted to celebrate wildlife by hanging animal photographs in our home, without damaging the environment. And we wanted other people to have that option too. The idea no longer seemed like an idea to us - we were going to do it.
However, in order to do it, we had to do it differently. To us, the choice to make this company a non-profit was never really a choice at all. We knew we’d do anything to help, and lining our pockets wasn’t part of the equation. We decided then and there that any and all profits we generated would be donated to small, local NGOs around the world that were in desperate need of support.
Whilst our primary goal was to generate funding for NGOs, we felt we needed to support the photographers that were going to help us make this happen. To us, wildlife photographers are storytellers, they were the people that gave us a window into the wild as children through books and even TV. From speaking to wildlife photographers we knew, and some we didn’t, we learned about the many challenges they face making wildlife photography work full-time.
Commissions for image licensing are very low and selling prints requires a lot of time consuming work including: marketing, shipping, printing...the list goes on. To overcome these challenges, and justify all of the work, they need to charge high rates for their photos or sell them at an extortionately low price and not make any money. We wanted to help. Our idea was to create a structure that meant our photographers are paid fairly for their work, and they don’t need to do any heavy lifting - just focus on the wildlife.
We found some great photographers based in all corners of the world, and with that settled we started reaching out and talking to some small NGO’s. There are so many wonderful organisations all over the world that need help, and it is definitely not an easy task to choose, nor do we intend to. Our approach is to just get started! At the moment, as we are newly launched, we are setting small but meaningful funding targets with multiple small NGOs. As we increase our sales, and achieve these funding targets, we will partner with more and more NGOs. Over time, our dream is to support many small NGO’s with ongoing funding.
So That’s Wild was born! An organisation that focuses on giving YOU an opportunity to celebrate wildlife while directly funding species and habitat survival and protection around the world.

We're just getting started...

We only recently launched this site, 1st September 2020, and have a way to go yet. Over the coming weeks and months we'll be working hard to build a brand and a non-profit that you can trust and that initiatives and charities can rely on. We will be bringing a transparent perspective on what we are doing as we go and look forward to sharing this journey with you. We appreciate the support and welcome any feedback you may have.  

Coming soon... 


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