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Less than two weeks until Christmas! Maybe you’re the type of person who’s super organised and bought all your gifts months ago... or maybe you’re a bit like me and you’re still searching for that perfect eco-friendly gift for your loved ones. If you are, then here’s a blog post you should check out!
Kate from ‘Kate on Conservation’ recently posted a blog where she collated her top 5 eco-friendly Christmas gifts and we were lucky enough to be featured! So if you want to buy something unique and environmentally friendly for your loved ones - give it a read!
Kate on Conservation - Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts featuring That's Wild Prints
Kate is a conservationist and campaigner for animal rights. She runs a blog featuring unique interviews with some of the worlds leading wildlife conservationists and ecologists, top wildlife bloggers and the most recognisable natural history presenters. Since 2017, she’s been a Trustee of Born Free Foundation serving on the board, Marketing and Partnerships Committee and Programmes Committee. She’s also an ambassador for IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals), Wasteless Market as well as an Oceans advocate for Ocean Conservation Trust.
Kate from Kate on conservation Blog
Kate’s blog pretty much has it all - educational resources, tips and advice for learning more about conservation, interviews from conservationists, articles and infographics, campaigns to get involved with - you name it! If you’re interested in conservation or just want to learn more, I highly recommend checking out her blog.
Thanks again to Kate for featuring us, and for the work she does to educate about conservation!

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