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That's Wild Founder Josefine Christoffersen

Josefine | co-founder

I’ve always loved animals, there’s something about the purity of their intentions that I’ve always gravitated towards and been fascinated by.

As a child, because as children we’re often shielded by our parents from certain realities, I didn’t make the connection between how I was living, to the environment around me. But as I got older, the reality of how we, as human-beings affect our natural environment kicked in. Whether it was on the TV, in magazines, or online - it felt like destruction was everywhere. Worse yet, those trying to help were either ridiculed for trying or laughed at for thinking they could change anything.

I felt lost, overwhelmed and frozen. And honestly, for a long time, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know how to help to stop the destruction of our natural habitats the “right” way, and I was scared to even try. I eventually stumbled upon the notion that: we don’t need a few people doing things perfectly, we need a million people doing things imperfectly. That really smacked some sense into me. I realized, that in all the time I’d spent frozen in inaction, due to my own inner critic and the fear of others’ critique, I could have simply tried to change little by little and learn how to care less about what people thought of me.

So I did exactly that. I started making changes in my personal life, whether it was with my diet, or my consumption habits and researching who’s pockets I was ultimately putting money in. I had conversations with my friends, family, whoever wanted to, about what I was doing and why. And slowly but surely, I started feeling less anxious and more optimistic about the future. Now, I know many say that what one person does, won’t change the world. But I truly believe that if we all just start with one thing, it’ll create a ripple effect. I hope that That’s Wild can be one of those small things that inspire you to make changes in your life. Together we can make a difference, we just have to start! 


That's Wild Founders Jacob

Jacob | co-founder

I’ve been obsessed with wildlife since I was a child. I grew up reading encyclopaedias and learning about animals. I used to watch Steve Irwin on TV jumping on crocs and catching venomous snakes with his hands. I would daydream about doing what he did and about exploring the wilderness. I used to channel my inner Steve and look for wildlife wherever I went and wherever I could - sometimes trying to pick up the wrong things and either getting bitten or worse…told off by adults. Either way, I was fascinated and I was hooked. That child-like wonder and excitement when seeing something exciting or new has never changed, and it never will.

With That’s Wild I saw an opportunity to put some of the knowledge and skills from my professional life to good use to help to save what I love the most - wildlife and nature.

To me, That’s Wild is an expression of celebration and wonder for the natural world. It’s an opportunity to create a community of people who love wildlife as much as I do so that we can find joy in it and at the same time help to save it.

The current global wildlife crisis can be very heavy and saddening, and causes a lot of fear and anger. That’s Wild represents the belief that our love of animals and wildlife will be what helps us save them.

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  • Yolande Robinson on

    The world needs more of you two!!, love you both 🤩

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