Christmas Gifts That Support Sanctuaries!

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With Christmas right around the corner, it can be hard to navigate and find great environmentally friendly gifts! We will post our own list in the coming week, but we wanted to give a shout-out and highlight some awesome conservationists who have featured us in their eco-friendly Christmas lists!

First conservationist we're spotlighting and thanking is Connie Needham (pictured below)

Connie James Needham - That's Wild Prints spotlights conservationists

Connie Needham is an animal carer and rehabilitator with a degree in Psychology specialised in Animal Behaviour. She has worked with both wildlife and domestic animals in sanctuaries across the world. The majority of her work experience has been in South Africa and Namibia, notably at The Vervet Forest Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre. You can watch some of her work with the sanctuary on her youtube channel, take a look at the video below! 

On her blog, as well as on her social media platforms, she offers educational resources on wildlife conservation, animal rescue, and plant-based living!

Connie Needham Instagram Grid
We were recently featured in one of Connie's posts! Connie collated a list of gifts ideas that support animal sanctuaries - so if you're wondering how to support sanctuaries this Christmas, click on the photo below to see the Christmas list and get inspired!

 Christmas list ideas that support sanctuaries through Connie Needham's Instagram
 A huge thank you to Connie for featuring us, and for all the work she does to educate about wildlife conservation and rehabilitation!

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